As a business, TNT Memorials has been designing and creating burial monuments for almost 40 years, ensuring that each and every one conveys the respectful reverence deserved by the departed. TNT Memorials have the knowledge and know-how to create almost anything imaginable with stone. By listening carefully to customers and applying their craft with sensitivity and understanding, our monumental masons provide customers with the best possible design solution no matter what budget families have to work with.

We offer a choice of stone types including marble, granite and rock, with high-quality options to suit almost any budget. The finished product will be a true and genuine tribute to a much loved and valued member of your life

A beautiful and highly durable material, granite has been used for thousands of years for numerous applications. With its non-porous and stain resistant qualities, it has been an especially popular choice for headstones.
Our bronze plaques are cast and painted, and then the top surface of the inscription, motifs and border is machined to highlight the natural bronze colour. The background is painted with a high quality paint of a colour selected by our customer.
If you are looking to find someone to engrave an inscription on a headstone or monument, you have come to the right place. We can do the inscription for either a new headstone/monument or an existing one at all cemeteries in Victoria. 
Our accessories are sourced from around the world and are high quality, durable products designed to last for decades in any conditions.